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The investigation phase:
We will investigate every single aspect of your case. If necessary, we retain experts to examine and provide reports supporting our client’s position on a given matter.

We will perform extensive legal research relating to every legal issue in your case. Every case is controlled through laws (statutes) and“case law”. We take each case very seriously and we research every Federal and New Jersey state case that affects each client’s matter.

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We will meet with you to discuss all of your options and provide recommendations. At the end of our meeting, we leave the decisions to our clients. We join our clients in their decision-making process because we understand the difficulty in reaching certain decisions.

In the News
One of Mr. Peyrouton's most popular articles published in the New Jersey Law Journal, Black Robe Disease.


  • Soy beneficiado con la visa u la cual me abre la puerta de obtener la green card despues de 3 años, antes de encontrarme con ellos contrate una abogada irresponsable me atraso mi caso por 6 meses y ellos arreglaron el desastre que me hizo la abogada anterior en 3 dias, a los 9 dias ya tenia repuesta positiva de migracion en menos de 1 mes fui a poner las huellas, migracion me solicito una carta de la corte, casi un mes trate conseguir esa carta, el abogado llamo a la corte y en 3 horas la obtuvo, ellos ayudan son como super heroes asi los llamo, le agradezco a Dios haberlos encontrado y ahora cuando alguien necesita de un buen abogado inmediatamente los refiero a ellos, no hay otro abogado mejor y a un precio accesible en el area tri estatal como ellos, se los recomiendo.

    Marvin A.

  • In his concluding statements, the judge made a point of stating that he had been prepared to sentence me to jail time. Alan's exceptional work with the prosecutor changed his mind, and I walked away with extremely low fines. Personally, I think the most important part of Alan's representation was his ability to make feel at ease about my case. From the first time I met him I knew I was in expert hands. I come from a family of lawyers. Alan made a great impression on them.


  • Over an 8 year period of time I hired 3 different lawyers to help me obtain my residency in the United States.  Every time my case grew difficult, each lawyer quit on me.  I received a letter from USCIS denying my case and giving me thirty days to respond before facing deportation.  Mr. Peyrouton was my last hope and despite being abandoned by previous lawyers, I had faith in him.  Both he and his assistant, Agueda, helped me in such a way that my residency was approved within 3 weeks!  I will be eternally grateful to them.

    Nadia V.

  • Este abogado es un tigre, un caballo...una fiera!!  Cuando pienso en un abogado, pienso en él

    Jose C.

  • I had a very difficult criminal matter and Alan got me an amazing result. He's my attorney for life

    Chris D.

  • I appreciate all the work, time and passion Alan put into my case. From the very beginning my case was not typical...I’m so extremely grateful Alan was there to take the lead...I always had faith in him.

    Debra A.

  • Alan Peyrouton is very passionate,hard working,committed,professional Law Attorney.. He undeniably takes tremendous pride in his ability to find the best possible solution to help his clients. Alan Peyrouton brings attorney-client relationship to the next level with his honesty and dignity. If you are looking for an Attorney who is worth your consideration and money choose Alan to represent you.

    Ermine K.

  • I was arrested twice for domestic violence and Mr. Peyrouton got all charges dismissed without prejudice. Mr. Peyrouton exudes confidence and is a hard working individual.

    David R.

  • I was charged with a theft offense and faced severe penalties including jail time. Mr. Peyrouton defended me and got my case completely dismissed. I was so relieved that my record is clean and society doesn't think I'm a criminal. He really cared about my innocence and I highly recommend him.

    Dominque C.

  • Mr. Peyrouton was unlike any other attorney I ever worked with. He took all of my calls and responded to all of my emails. I felt he really cared about the outcome of my case.

    Joseph S.

  • Alan Peyrouton has represented me 3 times in the past year and we prevailed each time. He was very knowledgeable, professional, responsive and caring.

    Dorothy P.

About Mr. Peyrouton

Alan G. Peyrouton

Mr. Peyrouton is a very competitive, competent, creative and passionate attorney. His articles in the area of immigration and criminal law have been published in the New Jersey Law Journal. He has tried many cases including jury and bench trials. He has experienced the high honor of arguing before the New Jersey Supreme Court. Early in his career he was employed by the United States Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division located in Washington, D.C.

The Peyrouton Law Process

Meet with Prospective Client

During our initial meeting we spend the majority of our meeting listening to your perspective. There are often very important and critical facts to our client's defense that require us to patiently listen. After we listen to our clients we ask clarifying questions and begin to narrow the issues involved in their specific case.

Explaining the Process

If it is a criminal matter we explain in broad strokes exactly the procedural component of the criminal process. We answer all questions and in the event we do not know the answer to a question, we admit we do not know and perform legal research to find the answer.

Setting Expectations

We make no guarantees as to the outcome of each client's case. We make a solemn promise to "advocate zealously" on our client's behalf and endeavor to obtain the best possible result given the unique circumstances of each case.